Regionaltravel in Peru – Travel program PTW-TAR003-en

Tarapoto + Chachapoyas

7 days / 6 nights

Day 1: Arrival in Tarapoto, Lamas

Lamas• Reception at Tarapoto airport and transfer to the hotel.

• In the afternoon, departure to the town of Lamas, 30 km away, the folkloric center of the San Martin region. Information about the history of the city. Visit to the Wayku district, inhabited by the descendants of the Chankas, the viewpoint, craft shops, the castle and the ethnic museum.

• Return to Tarapoto.

• Overnight stay.

HuallagaDay 2: Laguna Azul

• Breakfast.

• Travel along the Marginal de la Selva Sur (today Fernándo Belaúnde Terry) road to Puerto López and cross the Huallaga on a powerless raft.

• Boat trip on the «Laguna Azul» to explore the lake.

• Opportunity to relax and exercise.

• Return to Tarapoto.

• Overnight in Tarapoto.Laguna Azul

Day 3: from Tarapoto to Chachapoyas

• Breakfast.

• About 8 hours drive from Tarapoto in the jungle area to Chachapoyas in the Andes at an altitude of 2300 m.

• Overnight in Chachapoyas.

Day 4: Kuelap

• Breakfast.

• Drive through the Utcubamba gorge to the town of Tingo.

• Observation of the Macro archaeological site.

Kuelap• Crossing a gorge with the cable car.

• Visit the Kuelap Fortress, an outstanding structure of the Chachapoyas culture, has over 400 buildings within three surrounding walls and is the largest stone-built structure in South America. Orchids and bromeliads cover walls and trees within the fortress.

• Return with the cable car to Tingo.

• Return to Chachapoyas.

• Overnight in Chachapoyas.

Day 5: Gocta waterfall

Gocta• Breakfast.

• Drive to Cocachimba.

• Approximately three-hour hike to Gocta waterfall, the third largest in the world. During the hike, the area's diverse fauna and flora can be observed, e.g. hummingbirds, toucans, birds, flowers, monkeys.

• Return to Chachapoyas.

• Overnight in Chachapoyas.

Day 6: Huancas, drive to Tarapoto

• Breakfast.

• Visit to the town of Huancas and its main tourist attractions: La Cusana craft center, the Sonche ravine with a depth of more than 800 m, the Huanca-Urco ravine and the archaeological site of Huanca-Urco.

• Return to Chachapoyas.

• Museum of the Ministry of Culture, which collects funerary objects, quipus and pre-hispanic ceramics.

• In the afternoon drive to Tarapoto.

• Overnight in Tarapoto.

AhuashiyakuDay 7: Ahuashiyaku waterfall, farewell to Tarapoto

• Breakfast.

• Ride to the Ahuashiyaku waterfalls, 15 km away, in the Cordillera Escalera regional protected area on the road to Yurimaguas. Refreshing bath and opportunity to purchase handicrafts.

• Return to Tarapoto.

• Transfer to Tarapoto airport.

Personalize your trip

This program can be largely adapted to individual wishes. Some options for adding to or changing your travel itinerary:

• Additional day trips in Tarapoto to the waterfalls «Carpishuyacu», «Pucayaquillo» and «Salto de la Bruja».

• Additional day trips in Chachapoyas: Huaylla Belén and Karajía, Revash and Leymebamba, Yumbilla waterfall, trekking Gran Vilaya, trekking Camino Inca, trekking Laguna de los Cóndores

Best season for this trip

Anytime possible. In the dry season from May to November, it rarely rains in the mountains and clear visibility is likely at destinations. Rain must always be expected in the mountain jungle and in the Mayo valley. In the rainy season from December to April, with less tourist traffic, you will find a lusher and fresher flora. This is also the time when most orchids bloom.

Note: Changes may be made to improve the various activities, as well as for climatic or organizational reasons.



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