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Posada Amazonas

Program 1

Posada Amazonas, Lake Tres Chimbatas and Ethnobotanical Center

3 days / 2 nights – Start: daily

Posada Amazonas, AussichtsturmDay 1: Arrival in Puerto Maldonado and Posada Amazonas

• Reception at the airport in Puerto Maldonado and transfer to the port at Tambopata, where a 2-hour boat trip to the lodge begins. Wild animals, especially birds, can be observed here during the journey.

• In the afternoon a 15 minute hike to a 35 m high canopy tower which offers spectacular views of the river and surrounding jungle and allows us to see the canopy birds from a very different perspective.

• After dinner videos about the jungle of Tambopata.

Posada Amazonas: Auf dem TambopataDay 2: Lake Tres Chimbadas, Clay Lick (Collpa), Ethnobotanical Center

• After breakfast, a 15 minute boat ride followed by a half hour hike to Tres Chimbadas Lake. We take a tour of the lake in a typical local boat and observe the wildlife of the lake: birds such as hoatzin, ducks, herons and kingfishers, some reptiles and mammals such as the giant otter. A family of otters has their home here and they are often seen.

• On the way back we visit a small salt lick (Collpa) where often tens or hundreds of parrots can be found looking to feed on the mineral salty soil while performing a colorful noisy spectacle.

• Lunch at the lodge.

• In the afternoon we visit the ethnobotanical center of the Indio settlement, where medicinal plants have been cultivated and prepared for sale for over 10 years. Let a local explain to us the daily use of the forest's goods in medicine, construction, nutrition and clothing.

Posada Amazonas: Weg im Dschungel • Possibility of a night hike to experience the nocturnal animal life in the jungle.

Day 3: Puerto Maldonado

• After breakfast transfer to Puerto Maldondo Airport.



Program 2

Posada Amazonas, Lake Tres Chimbatas, Ethnobotanical Center and Collpa (Salt Lick)

4 days / 3 nights – Start: daily


Day 1: Arrival in Puerto Maldonado and Posada Amazonas

• As program 1.

Posada Amazonas: Lago Tres Chimbadas Day 2: Lake Tres Chimbadas, Clay Lick (Collpa), Ethnobotanical Center

• As program 1.

Day 3: Clay lick, excursions in the jungle

• At dawn we visit a parrot lick just 20 minutes from Posada Amazonas. From a hide 20 meters away, on most clear mornings, dozens of parrots and parakeets can be seen coming here to feast on clay on the riverbank. Species of birds such as Meander Amazon, Yellow-headed Amazon, Black-eared Parrot and Weddell's Parakeet congregate here. The birds are active here at dusk, late morning and mid-afternoon. Posada Amazonas: Papageien

• After breakfast, two-hour hike from Posada Amazonas to the largest tree in the area, a giant ceiba tree. During the hike we deal with the natural history of the rainforest and the classification of its most important groups.

• After lunch, after a half-hour boat ride down the river, we reach a farm in the village of Infierno. The owner grows a variety of common and little-known crops. Almost every plant and tree on its premises has its uses.

Day 4: Puerto Maldonado

• After breakfast transfer to Puerto Maldondo Airport.


Note: Changes may be made to improve the various activities, as well as for climatic or organizational reasons.


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