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Tour through Manu National Park

Starting from Cusco through the different ecosystems of the Manu National Park with its rich flora and fauna.

Day 1: from Cusco to the cloud forest

We depart from Cusco to cross the Andes, have a coffee in the beautiful colonial village of Paucartambo. We ascend to the highest point of the Manubiosphere (approx. 3800 m) and then descend to the cloud forest. In this mysterious area we can observe the spectacle of the unusual «Gallito de las Rocas» (cock of the rock) right in front of our eyes. We spend the first night in the huts of the Posada San Pedro campsite (approx. 1600 m).

Day 2: Cloud forest to Atalaya in deep Manu

Early in the morning we continue by bus to the tropical-humid low-lying jungle. Here in the village of Atalaya (650 m) we take a motor boat to go downstream on the upper reaches of the Madre de Dios river, which has a strong current here, to Boca Manu. In the evening we camp on one of the beaches.

Day 3 and 4: Cocha Salvador and Cocha Otorongo

In the morning of the third day we cross the Manu. From this strategic point we can easily observe the birds on the shore, caimans basking in the sun and the giant «capybara», the «ronsocos». In the afternoon we reach our tent camp in the depths of the Manus. This will be our base camp for the next two days. During this time we hike through the untouched jungle and explore one of the most beautiful lakes in the Manu basin, Cocha Salvador, on a catamaran. You can see a great variety of colorful birds, numerous species of monkeys and, with a bit of luck, a family of giant river otters. A five hour hike through the jungle brings us to the Cocha Otorongo and a 20 m high observation platform overlooking the lake. At night we explore the jungle with the light of a flashlight and look for caimans in the lake in the moonlight.

Day 5: from Cocha Salvador to Boca Manu and Cusco

After a final hike through the Salvador region, we return downstream on the Manu. From Boca Manu we fly to Cusco by light aircraft if you take part in the 5-day trip.

If you choose the longer seven-day tour, it will proceed as follows:

Day 5: from Cocha Salvador to Macaw Clay Lick

Going downstream on the Madre de Dios we reach Blanquillo near the macaw clay lick. Overnight at the jungle lodge Tambo Blanquillo.

Day 6: Macaw Clay Lick

At first light we head to the macaws (guacamayos) clay lick to watch the magnificent spectacle of countless parrots, parakeets and macaws (guacamayos) eating soil. In the afternoon we will visit another beautiful lake of the Manu, Cocha Kamungo. We spend the night comfortably in the hostel Tambo Blanquillo.

Day 7: from Boca Manu to Cusco

If you've booked the seven-day trip, a short boat ride will take you to the Boca Manu airstrip for a light-duty plane flight over the jungle to Cusco.

If you choose the longer nine-day tour, the rest of the journey is as follows:

Day 7: from Boca Manu to Pantiacolla Lodge

We go upstream on the upper reaches of the Madre de Dios. During the river trip we have many opportunities to observe rare animals resting or eating, e.g. puma and jaguar. One can also enjoy impressive views of the Andes. We spend the following two nights in the Pantiacolla Lodge at the foot of the Pantiacolla mountain range.

Day 8: Pantiacolla Mountains

Today we walk in a special jungle: here the Andes and the deep jungle meet and therefore the visitor has the opportunity to observe animals, and especially birds, of both areas.

Day 9: From Atalaya to the cloud forest and to Cusco

Early in the morning we continue upstream to Atalaya where the bus awaits for the return journey across the Andes to Cusco.


Pantiacolla: Bus

Pantiacolla: Felsenhahn

Pantiacolla: Camping am Manu

Pantiacolla: Papageienlecke



Pantiacolla: Bootsfahrt auf dem Manu

Pantiacolla: Riesenfischotter

Pantiacolla: Kaiman

Pantiacolla: Ronsoco

Pantiacolla: Jaguar

Pantiacolla: Manu


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