Roundtrip Northern Peru

13 days / 12 nights

From Chiclayo in the coast through Chachapoyas in the mountains to Tarapoto in the jungle.


Museum Tumbas Reales del Señor de SipanDay 1: from Lima to Chiclayo

• Lima: transfer from hotel to airport.

• Flight from Lima to Chiclayo.

• Pick up from the airport in Chiclayo and transfer to the hotel.

• Overnight in Chiclayo. 

TucumeDay 2: Chiclayo

• Excursion in the surroundings of Chiclayo with visits to Huaca Rajada Sipán, Túcume and the museum «Tumbas Reales del Señor de Sipán» (modern and impressive museum of the Moche culture).

• Overnight in Chiclayo. 

Day 3: Chiclayo

• Excursion in the surroundings of Chiclayo with visits to Sicán, Batán Grande and Huaca Loro.

• Overnight in Chiclayo. 

Marañón-TalDay 4: from Chiclayo to Chachapoyas

• Departing from Chiclayo, we first cross the coastal desert, then cross the Andes at the Porculla Pass (2145 m) and the Marañón Valley and continue to Chachapoyas or Cocachimba.

• Overnight at Chachapoyas or Gocta Lodge. 

KarajiaDay 5: Karajía

• Drive to Cruz Pata.

• Visit to the sarcophagi of Karajía.

• «Condor route», where more sarcophagi can be seen from the road.

• Drive to Choctamal.

• Dinner and overnight at «Choctamal Marvelous Spatuletail Lodge», named for the purple-crowned flag sylph only available in this area. 

KuelapDay 6: Kuelap

• Guided tour to the fortress of Kuelap. The fortress of Kuelap, associated with the Chachapoyas culture, consists of massive exterior stone walls containing more than 400 buildings inside 3 levels of walls and ist the largest stone structure in the Americas. Orchids and bromeliads cover the walls and trees inside this fortress. Kuelap is precariously perched on a mountain ride at about 3000 m. The structure overlooks the Utcubamba vally and is roughly 600 m in length and 110 m in width. The 20 m high fortress walls are impressive with an entrance that is trapezoidal and narrows rapidly (as a Kuelapdefense). Inside there are the remains of many small round houses, some with a zigzag or diamont pattern in their terraces. Archaeological evidence shows that the structure was started before 800 AD.

• Transfer to Leymebamba.

• Dinner and overnight in Leymebamba.


RevashDay 7: Leymebamba, Revash

• Visit the museum of Leymebamba that houses 219 mummies that were discovered in 1997 by a group of local farmers on a cliff under a waterfall by the Lake of the Condors.

• Transfer to Revash Mausoleums, that are small rectangular miniature houses located under the shelter of the rock.

• Transfer to Cocachimba.

• Overnight in Gocta Lodge. 

GoctaDay 8: Gocta

• Three hours hike to Gocta waterfall with the height of 771 m. During the hike you will be able to observe variety of hummingbirds, birds, flowers, may be toucans, monkeys and other species from the region.

• Overnight in Gocta Lodge. 

Day 9: through Rioja and Moyobamba to Tarapoto

• Transfer through Rioja and Moyobamba to Tarapoto.

• Dinner and overnight in Puerto Palmeras Tarapoto Resort.

Puerto Palmeras in TarapotoDay 10: Lamas

 • Morning free to enjoy the installations of the resort.

• Lunch in Puerto Palmeras.

• In the afternoon excursion to the city of Lamas, the folkloric center of the region San Martin with visits to the native quarter, the viewpoint and arts and crafts shops.

• Dinner and overnight in Puerto Palmeras Tarapoto Resort.

Wasserfall AhuashiyakuDay 11: Ahuashiyaku

• Excursion to the cascade of Ahuashiyaku on the road to Yurimaguas. Refreshing bath and return to the resort.

• Lunch in Tarapoto.

• Afternoon free to enjoy the installations of the resort.

• Dinner and overnight in Puerto Palmeras Tarapoto Resort.

Day 12: Ecological Reserve of Lago Lindo

• Drive south on the Marginal to Puerto López, cross the Huallaga and continue to Lake Limoncocha.

Überquerung des Huallaga• We continue by car to Limoncocha lake, where we begin walking for aprox. 45 minutes until we reach the Lago Lindo lake.

• Lunch.

• Free afternoon for you to enjoy the nature of this reserve, you can observe birds, swim or take a boat at the lake and watch the sunset in the jungle.

• Dinner.

• Overnight in Lago Lindo. 

Lago LindoDay 13: Laguna Azul, return to Lima

• Small walk from Lago Lindo lake to the Laguna Azul lake (aprox. 15 minutes).

• We cross the lake on a boat.

• Back to Tarapoto by car.

• Lunch at Puerto Palmeras Resort.

• Transfer to the airport in Tarapoto.

• Flight from Tarapoto to Lima.

• Lima: transfer from the airport to the hotel. 

Laguna AzulTravel dates

Every day, all year round.

Personalize your journey

This program can largely be adapted to individual wishes. Some opportunities for additions or changes to your itinerary:

Trujillo: • Start of the program in Trujillo. • Chan Chan. • Huacas «Sol & Luna». • Huanchaco. • Caballos de paso peruano.

Between Trujillo and Chiclayo: • Archaeological site «El Brujo». • Museum Señora de Cao.

Rundreise NordperuChiclayo: • Museum Brüning. • Komunales Schutzgebiet Chaparri. • Ortschaften Pimental, Sana Rosa und Monsefú. • Citytour und «Mercado de brujas» (Hexenmarkt).

Chachapoyas: • Huancas, Levanto and Yalape. • Huiquilla Reserve. • Inca Trail from Levanto to Chachapoyas. • Tajopampa, La Petaca, Diablo Huasi. • Expedition «Laguna de los Condores». • Gran Vilaya hike.

Moyobamba: • Break on the journey to Tarapoto and overnight in Moyobamba. • Thermal baths. • Orchid Collection.

Tarapoto: • Extra days in Puertas Palmeras to relax. • Huacamaillo Waterfall. • «La Orquídea» chocolate factory. • Yurimaguas. • Shapaja Waterfall. • «Baños de la Unión».

Fortsetzung der Reise: • Flight to Iquitos and from there a journey into the deep jungle of the Amazon. • Yurimaguas and from there by boat on the Marañón and Amazonas rivers to Iquitos - a real adventure!

Best season for this trip

Anytime possible. In the dry season from May to November, it rarely rains in the mountains and clear visibility is likely in the travel destinations. Rain is always to be expected in the mountain jungle and in the Mayo Valley. In the rainy season from December to April one finds a more lush and fresher flora with less tourist traffic. This is also when most orchids bloom.


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