Roundtrip Experience Peru + Tambopata Rainforest

16 days / 15 nights

From the peruvian capital Lima to Arequipa, the second largest city in Peru, which is known as the «white city» because of its typical buildings made of white limestone (sillar). The whole area is dominated by the mighty Misti volcano. Be amazed by the magnificent flight of the condor, the largest bird in the world, in the Colca Valley. Visit the ancestral inhabitants of the natural and man-made islands in Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. Discover the impressive buildings and archaeological treasures of the Inca Empire in and around Cusco and the Urubamba (Vilcanota) Valley. Watch the spectacle of countless colorful and noisy guacamayos (macaws) and parrots at the Collpa (salt lick) while experiencing the unimaginably biodiverse tropical jungle at Tambopata.


Day 1: Arrival in LimaArequipa

• Pick up from Lima airport and transfer to the hotel.

• Overnight in Lima.

Day 2: Lima to Arequipa

• Lima: Transfer from the hotel to the airport.

• Flight from Lima to Arequipa.

• Pick up from Arequipa airport and transfer to the hotel.

• City tour in Arequipa (city and surrounding area, 4 hours).

• Overnight in Arequipa.

Kondor im ColcatalDay 3: Colca valley

• Journey from Arequipa to Chivay for a two-day excursion to the Colca valley.

• Overnight in Chivay. 

Day 4: Colca valley

Sillustani• Excursion in the Colca Valley, drive to the Mirador, beautiful view of the valley and observation point of the condors.

• Tourist bus to Puno.

• Overnight in Puno. 

Day 5: Puno

• Guided visit of the graves of Sillustani (aprox. 3 hours).

• Overnight in Puno. 

Bootsfahrt auf dem TiticacaseeDay 6: Titicaca Lake

• Full day boat trip on Lake Titicaca to the Uros Floating Islands and Taquile Island.

• Overnight in Puno. 


Day 7: from Puno to Cusco

• Travel by tourist bus from Puno to Cusco, with the opportunity to visit archaeological sites on the way (journey approx. 9 hours).

Kathedrale in Cusco• Overnight in Cusco. 

Day 8: Cusco

• City tour (city and surrounding area, half day).

• Overnight in Cusco.

Day 9: the Sacred Valley of the Incas

• Full day excursion through the Sacred Valley of the Incas (Urubamba or Vilcanota Valley), visiting the handicraft market in Pisac and the cities of Urubamba and OllantaytamboOllantaytambo (lunch included).

• Overnight in Cusco. 

Day 10: Machu Picchu

• Full day trip by train to Machu Picchu (journey from Cusco to Aguas Calientes about 3 hours).

• Guided visit of the Inca city of Machu Picchu (including bus ride up to the ruins and lunch).

Machu Picchu• Return to Cusco by train.

• Overnight in Cusco. 

Day 11: from Cusco to the jungle at Tambopata

• Transfer from the hotel to the airport in Cusco.

• Flight from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado.

• Pick up from the airport.

• Boat trip on the Tambopata river to the lodge (3 hours aprox). During the trip we may see caymans, turtles, waterfowls, etc. Lunch.

• We arrive at the lodge. After a short rest hike to a small lagoon.

• Short night ride on the canoe to spot caimans on the river banks with flashlights.

Tambopata• Overnight in the lodge. 

Day 12: Tambopata

• At daybreak we board the canoe up to the Tambopata river; late in the afternoon we will arrive at the Macaw Claylick or Collpa de Guacamayos, in order to observe them the next morning.

• Overnight in the camp. 

Papageienlecke im TambopataDay 13: Tambopata

• Early morning observation of the guacamayos and parrots at the Collpa.

• Return on the boat to the lodge for lunch.

• Overnight in the lodge. 

Day 14: Tambopata

• Hike through the jungle to the Cocococha lake to observe local wildlife.

• Boat trip on the lake.

• Overnight in the lodge. 

Day 15: from Puerto Maldonado to Lima

• After early breakfast, boat transportation to Puerto Maldonado and transfer to the airport.

• Flight from Puerto Maldonado to Lima.

• Transfer from the airport in Lima to the hotel.

• Overnight in Lima. 

Day 16: Farewell to Peru

• An optional city tour in Lima depending on your flight schedule.

• Transfer from the hotel to the airport. 

Travel dates

Daily, the program parts in Cusco may have to be adapted to the corresponding weekdays.  

Personalize your journey

This program can largely be adapted to individual wishes. Some opportunities for additions or changes to your itinerary: 

Lima: • Pachacamac. • Caral – oldest civilization in America. • Boat trip to the Palomino Islands (half day). • Gold Museum. • Anthropology Museum. • National Museum. • Larco Herrera Museum. • Art Museum. • Museum of Natural History. • Additional day without program. • Further suggestions in «Lima». 

Rundreise Erlebnis Peru + TambopataArequipa: • Arrival via Paracas and Nasca with flight over the Nasca Lines. • Additional day without program. • Visit to the other side of the Colca Valley (1 extra day). • Excursion to the rock paintings «Torro Muerto». • Flight from Arequipa to Juliaca (Puno). • Further suggestions in «Arequipa».

Puno: • Overnight cruise to Amantani Island (1 extra day). • Excursion Pueblos Aymaras. • Excursion Chucuito. • Excursion Pukara. • City tour. • Additional day without program. • Further suggestions in «Puno». 

Cusco: • Additional day without program to get to know Cusco on your own. • Excursion to Maras and Moray (1 day), by car or as a bicycle tour. • Overnight stay in Aguas Calientes at the foot of Machu Picchu to visit Machu Picchu again or visit the thermal baths (1 day). • Hike on the traditional Inca Trail to Machu Picchu (4 days). • Hike past the Salkantay to Machu Picchu (4 days). • Trek to Choquequirao (4 or 5 days). • Hike to Choquequirao and Machu Picchu (8 days). • Further suggestions in «Cusco». 

Tambopata: • Additional day at the lodge. • Alternative passages and program sequences in «Tambopata». 

Best season for this trip

Anytime possible. In the dry season from May to November, it rarely rains in the mountains (Arequipa, Puno and Cusco) and clear visibility is likely in the travel destinations. Rain is always to be expected in the Tambopata forest. In the rainy season from December to April one finds a more lush and fresher flora with less tourist traffic. This is also when most orchids bloom.


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