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The variety in history, landscapes, ecologial systems, flora and fauna is reflecting also in the Round trips Peru, offered in this website. The round trips includes historical evidences from the pre-inca time, the inca time and the colonial period. Geographically start the round trips from the coast desert, crossing through diferent mountain forms of the Andes and combinations from mountains and jungle until the never-ending lowland jungle of the Amazon region. Whereas on some stations of the Round trips Peru you will find only spare animals and plants, on other places are waiting for you an unimaginable variety of flora and fauna.


Archaeological sites in Peru

Many great cultures have left impressive evidence of their skills in architecture, art, medicine, state organization, etc., such as the Incas, Chimus, Mochicas, Chachapoyas, Paracas, Nascas. In addition to Cusco and Machu Picchu, the best-known witnesses of the past, there are many other places where the works of the former inhabitants arouse amazement: Kuelap, Nasca, Chan Chan, Ollantaytambo, Pisac, Vilcashuaman, Sipan, Sican, Sillustani, Paracas, Pachacamac, the «Huaca del Sol» and «Huaca de la Luna», Gran Pajaten, Karajia, Chavin, Choquequirao, ... 

Ecological diversity

Hardly any other country in the world can boast such a variety of landscapes, climate zones, animals and plants as Peru. Starting from the coastal desert, you can cross the mountain range of the Andes at an altitude of over 4000 meters in a few hours, drive through the mountain jungle and then only a little later marvel at the animal and plant wealth of the Peruvian jungle ...

Overwhelming landscapes

There are impressive landscapes all over the country: the coastal desert interrupted by river oases, the imposing mountain ranges Cordillera Blanca, Huayhuash and Vilcanota, the Misti volcano, the mountains Huascarán, Salkantay and Alpamayo, the deep gorges of the Colca, Apurimac, Marañón and Cotawasi rivers, the Valley of the Volcanoes, the valleys of Urubamba, Utcubamba, Callejón de Huaylas and Callejón de los Conchucos, the lakes Titicaca, Llanganuco, Laguna Azul, Lago Lindo and Rimachi ...

Unimaginable wealth of plants and animals

In close contact with nature, the lush and diverse flora and fauna can be observed: penguins and sea lions on the offshore islands, the amazing number of bird species in the jungle at Tambopata, the pink dolphin in Pacaya-Samiria, the sloth in the forests Tarapotos, the condor in the Colca Valley, the giant otter in Manu, the Puya Raimondi in the Cordillera Blanca, the most diverse orchids at the foot of Machu Picchu ...

Protected areas in Peru

In many places, the original landscapes and ecosystems have been little or not changed by human activity. A multitude of protected areas try to preserve these natural riches: Tambopata, Paracas, Manu, Huascarán, Machu Pichu, Lake Titicaca, Pacaya-Samiria, Pampa Galeras, Bahuaja-Sonene, Manglares de Tumbes, ...

Peruvian kitchen

The flavor and versatility of Peruvian food and drink is gaining recognition outside of the country as well. Check why with a pisco sour, lomo saltado, rocoto relleno, cebiche, cuy chactado, aji de gallina, papa a la huancaina, guiso de alpaca, anticuchos de corazón,
olluquito con charqui, ...

Fascinating travel destination

Travel in Peru has an peculiar enchantment. For somone may seem to much adventure. But everyone may experience and enjoy Peru with a little desire for adventure and the willingness to accommodate its behavior to the conditions from the country. Peru is a very attractive destination for travelers, not only for careless young people, but also for mature persons, who likes to know somewhat from a different, fascinating world ...

Travel program offers

The Round trips in Peru offered in this website are only some of the many possibilities. Communicate us your desire and we will elaborate for you an individual proposal.


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